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Why choose MLI Homestay?

Homestay is an integral part of the student traveller’s experience. At MLI Homestay we understand that a caring homestay is a cornerstone of ensuring a positive student experience in the Ottawa Catholic School Board

  • Screening: Our stringent screening process for family selection and monitoring ensures that the homes are safe and friendly and that the families are hosting students for the right reasons (e.g. they are excited to share their family with an international visitor and are looking to learn from that experience).
  • 24-hour emergency support: We provide this support to our clients, students and hosts across Canada.
  • Our families: We consider our families as our clients too. Our team interacts with hosts regularly to support them as they support the students.

In short, MLI Homestay gives you the quality you need with the customer service you require. We are always available and understand that the hosting experience is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week until the student leaves the program. We are there to support the students and the families.


Homestay Selection Criteria

MLI Homestay Hosts reflect the diversity of Canada’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population. Homestay hosts may include single parent homes, retired couples, single mature women, or families with children – provided they meet the hosting criteria.


A stringent criteria of a host a family is their ability to provide a clean, safe and nurturing home environment to all our students. The style of homes in each community may vary. Bathrooms (Washrooms) include a toilet, sink, shower or bathtub/shower combination. This is typically shared by family members. Students should not expect a private bathroom, and must respect this as shared space.

Homestay Placement & Services Include:

  • Placement with a suitable Host Family within 45 minutes of transit to the school.
  • 24 hours emergency support for families and students.
  • Regular monitoring of host family and student progress.
  • Conflict resolution including the submitting of Incident Reports as needed.
  • Organization of airport transfers as required.

Custodianship Services Include:

  • MLI Preparation of notarized IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) documents to be used for Study Permit and Visa application.
  • Orientation with the student at the beginning of the stay in Canada.
  • In-person check-in with students twice per semester for Student Monitoring Report.
  • Communication with agents regarding student progress on a monthly basis.
  • Support of student for academics, host family, cultural settlement issues, etc. as needed.
  • 24-hour emergency contact.


Apply Now for Homestay

We work to make the student homestay experience the best it can be. We can help each student, once accepted into a private or public school to find a suitable host family. We are here to support students in finding their home away from home while they focus on their studies in Canada.