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Homestay is an unforgettable way to be introduced to Canadian culture.

Services and Fees

MLI Homestay can provide some or all of the services below.

Homestay Placement

Stay in homestay with a local family close to your school while in Canada


This is required for all students in our homestay program

Support by Local Homestay Coordinator

Local coordinators live in the same communities as students. Local coordinators support both the students and host families.

Airport Transfers

Transfers to and from the local airport by your host family or paid shuttle service

Emergency Travel Medical Insurance

MLI Homestay applicants require proof of insurance. We can provide an affordable option

School Placement

MLI Homestay works with students on placement in a Canadian public or private high school


24 Hour Emergency Support

MLI Homestay provides 24/7 emergency support for host and student urgent requests.

Stay in Homestay

Recommendations for Visitors

Host families represent the same multi cultural diversity that makes up Canada’s population.

Host families come in many different shapes and sizes. Homestay hosts can be dual parent, single parent, single host, or retired couples.


Keep in mind that you are a goodwill ambassador for your country, to be considerate and cooperative


Ask questions if you do not understand something.


Try to communicate with your host family, and not stay alone in your room.


Have fun and keep an open mind!

Which location in Canada would you like to stay in?

Staying in Homestay

MLI Homestay provides homestay for many school boards in communities across Canada. Consider your options in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.


What our Hosts have to say about MLI Homestay

I enjoyed my life in Canada. I hanged out with my friends and made many memories. The most favorite thing I did in Canada is Canada Wonderland. I went there with my host family and we had a great time riding the roller coasters.


Avon Maitland, Ontario

Going to Canada was one of the best decisions in my life. It gave me the freedom to experience new things and to truly enjoy life. I have found a loving family in the people I have met.


Owen Sound, Ontario

The time in Canada had a lot of fun and meaningful moment such as communication with many people who I haven’t met before and experience of different culture and lifestyle.


Listowel, Ontario

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