Studying in Canada

Elementary and Secondary School

Canada is known for its exceptional education system and MLI Homestay has partnered with many of the leading providers for high school studies across Canada, providing exceptional support services to students.   

MLI Homestay works with some of the oldest and most prestigious private schools, as well as modern and innovative public and catholic high schools.  Choosing to study at an elementary or secondary school in Canada will provide you with an exceptional experience where you will be able to learn French or English, participate in standard academic subjects, join sports and extracurricular activities, and experience Canadian culture in some of the most beautiful, safe and welcoming communities that our country has to offer.  

MLI Homestay offers Homestay services for International students attending Public and Private schools across Canada. Students participating in our Homestay program will have an excellent opportunity to practice and develop their English conversation skills and have a rich experience of Canadian culture and family life. We offer custodial guardianship, homestay placement, and airport transportation services to international secondary students to make their experience in Canada a rewarding one

University and College Studies 

Canadian universities and colleges are recognized around the world for providing post-secondary students a top-notch education.  There are top schools in each and every field of study that will help you build the foundation you will need to have a successful future.  MLI Homestay can assist you with settling in to your new home by matching you with a caring host family near your post-secondary institution that will be able to provide a home away from home while you pursue higher education in one of the many universities and colleges across Canada. 

Language Schools and Teacher Homestay

As an adult studying a new language, there is no better way to improve fluency than to immerse yourself in the language or culture.  MLI Homestay is happy to assist you with making your accommodation arrangements while you study at a local language school.  We are also able to arrange Teacher Homestays where you will live with an experienced teacher, who can provide 1-1 lessons based on your level.  Contact us today for more information.