Stay in Homestay

Homestay is a fantastic way to be introduced to Canadian culture. 

Homestay families are as diverse as the International visitors who stay with them. Our Homestay families vary in size, age, and ethnic background.  Although many of our Homestay families consist of the traditional family (mom, dad, and children), it is not uncommon for a Homestay family to be a single parent with children or a single person (younger or older).  

Within the family unit you will find that most Canadians work outside of the home and have a very busy lifestyle. You will find some differences, both personal and cultural, between you and the Homestay family.  With patience and understanding these differences will seem minimal a short time after your arrival. 

Remember, you are choosing to live in a new environment and to learn about a different way of life! enjoy the differences! 

Visitor Recommendations: 

  • Keep in mind that you are a goodwill ambassador for your country. Be considerate and cooperative whenever possible
  • Be flexible.
  • Ask questions anytime you do not understand something. Also, tell your Host Family you do not understand rather than pretending that you do.
  • Do not lock yourself in your room - try to communicate with your Host Family
  • It is important to say Thank you whenever anyone does something nice for you
  • Discuss mealtimes with your Host family
  • Call if you will not be home for dinner
  • Respect your Host Family and their house rules
  • Have fun and keep an open mind!

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