An experienced Homestay Coordinator is assigned to each community to support host families and guests.  

The MLI Homestay Team at head office is also there to help if you have any questions or concerns.  
MLI Homestay
 Coordinators will contact the host family at least once a month to report back to the office on the well-being of the guest and the update on how things are going with the family. 

MLI Homestay also promotes various activities and events throughout the year to provide an opportunity to meet and share with other host families and guests, and to connect with the Homestay Coordinator. Finally, in case of an emergency, MLI Homestay Emergency Line is staffed with an experienced representative and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


MLI Homestay Host Guidelines cover

MLI Homestay Host Guidelines

This guide is meant to help you navigate the world of hosting in general and also to familiarize you with roles, responsibilities, and rules specific to MLI Homestay. 

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MLI Homestay House Rules

House Rules Template

It is important that you start with clearly communicated rules to help your visitor better integrate with the household expectations. This template can be edited to suit your household rules and expectations. 

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Hose family Agreement Addendum- September 2018

MLI Homestay Welcome Checklist

Welcome Checklist

This is an exciting new beginning for you and your guest.  Start things off smoothly by ensuring that you have communicated all the important facts to your guest. This will make them feel welcome and comfortable in their new home. 

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MLI Homesaty Student Rules

Student Rules

It is important to understand what the expectations are for your student during their stay in Canada.  This is just a small section of the comprehensive Student Manual that is provided to each student.  Ask them to share it with you and take some time to refer to it together when you have questions.

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High-Risk Activity Waiver

Students are not allowed to participate in high-risk activities without having the High-Risk Activity Waiver signed by their parents.  Please ensure that this is submitted at least 2 weeks prior to an activity that is considered to be high risk including skiing, snowboarding, rafting.  If you are not sure if the activity is considered to be high risk, please check the student information you have been provided or contact your Homestay Coordinator. 

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