Schools and School Boards

MLI Homestay is a selected provider of homestay for private schools, school boards, and language schools across Canada.  

Our trained and knowledgeable staff is able to reduce the time commitment of schools and school boards by placing international students with experienced host families, monitoring and reporting on student welfare and being available 24/7 to manage any issues or emergencies that may arise.  Are you interested in MLI Homestay providing homestay services for your students?  Click here


MLI Homestay specializes in homestay services across Canada in over 100 communities.  We have been working closely with local and international partners since 1994 to deliver quality services to thousands of visitors to Canada each year.

Our partners include reputable Agents from the education and travel industries from countries around the world and those who are right here in Canada.  At MLI Homestay we are able to work with agents in many different languages, and have the experience and knowledge to work with a wide variety of cultural expectations.  Are you interested in becoming a partner Agent of MLI Homestay?  Click here


MLI Homestay is interested in hearing from local community organizations who are looking for a partner in fundraising.  We have successfully partnered with schools, sports teams, clubs, charities and other community organizations to raise funds through participation in the homestay programs.  Are you interested in finding out more about fundraising with MLI Homestay?  Click here