Natalia Forero, Student Care SupervisorON, Toronto

Natalia Forero, Student Care Supervisor

I was born in Colombia and, like many Canadians, my husband and I migrated to Canada some years ago. I am very passionate about international education and cultural exchange which is why I have committed the last ten years of my life to supporting amazing and successful experiences for international students. It all started when I was a 16-year-old High School international student - that experience changed me and my life forever. I went from being shy and quiet to become self-confident and independent. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Graduate Degree in Cultural Management. I have had several roles working in universities, housing, and cultural centres, all of which were related to international students. My husband and I love travelling abroad and within Canada. I have travelled to 10 different countries, and lived in Colombia, the US, Brazil and Canada.  For me, Canada has been the most welcoming and multicultural place of all, something that will make every student’s experience here even greater. 

What I love about MLI is how much everyone cares about each student’s experience and well-being; I wish I had this kind of support during my own international student experience.

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