Michelle Edis, Local Coordinator British Columbia, Penticton

Michelle Edis, Local Coordinator

In college I majored in Theater Arts with a minor in English.  Currently, I'm a choreographer, teacher, musician and editor. I love anything artsy, creative or musical. I love to bake, sew, create, sing. There are not enough hours to do all the things I love to do. I am never bored.

Currently I am studying for my TESOL certification and actively learning Korean. I am passionate about language and words. I only wish I would have had an opportunity like MLI Homestay provides, when I was young.

What I love about MLI Homestay:  I love the opportunity for the language and cultural exchange. It gives us the chance to be reminded that people are people and our similarities outnumber our differences. We have made life-long friends through this and other similar programs and take every chance we get to participate.

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