Michael Ruby, Co-Founder / Board Member, Head Office

Michael Ruby, Co-Founder / Board Member

I love my family, skiing, golf, running, volunteering and building businesses.

I have owned and operated a number of businesses and held senior positions in the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, and worked with a four season resort business in British Columbia. As a volunteer, I have played a leadership role sitting on a number of national, international and regional tourism marketing boards. I am currently a chair of the Canadian Tourism Commission Emerging Markets Committee.

We are committed to our business and to our important and valuable employees.  We want our employees to feel like part of a unique family and to feel safe and valued in our company.  We operate the business in a very personal manner – as a small, Canadian family business – and we prefer face-to-face communication.  We try to create a healthy and exciting environment where people feel they can trust MLI.

What I love about MLI: Challenging staff to be their best while improving the quality of programs and services offered by this uniquely Canadian success story and being an entrepreneur - MLI!

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