Lauralee Wood, Homestay Coordinator BC, Greater Victoria

Lauralee Wood, Homestay Coordinator

I am thrilled to be the homestay coordinator for Greater Victoria, a place I feel incredibly fortunate to call home for the last 10 years. By training, I am an elementary school teacher and a kids yoga instructor. I have two young sons - so our household is quite lively these days. 

During the last few years, I created space in our home to host a variety students on exchanges. I have also taught many ELL students over the years. I know that my understanding of the needs of exchange students will help me in finding and working with our host families. I am looking forward to using that knowledge on behalf of MLI Homestay. 

My partner and I are passionate about hiking with our dog Chica, camping, cycling and many other outdoor activities. I am excited to play a small part in enriching the experiences of the host families and exchange students in the Greater Victoria area.

Contact Lauralee about hosting in Victoria.

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