Deb Williams, Local CoordinatorON, Peterborough

Deb Williams, Local Coordinator

Since I was in my teens, volunteering at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, I have always been in the service sector.  Most recently, I was a secondary teacher for 15 years, teaching History;Civics (Government studies) and English.  Therefore, as a former teacher and parent of teenagers, I understand the needs that these youngsters encounter.

I have always been interested in other countries and cultures.  Both my parents came from war torn Europe, and taught me about acceptance of all peoples. Thus, as a MLI Homestay Coordinator, I make each and every student feel welcomed and important.I also enjoy meeting with active and new Host families, and ensure that all of their questions and concerns are dealt with

My husband and I have two daughters.  We enjoy travelling and learning about foods and languages and of course the history of the country we are in.  I do speak Italian, so I do understand some Spanish as well.   Memories are made when meeting new people and seeing new places.   I will guide and help our students make and create memories that will last a life time.

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