Christine Balatti, Homestay Coordinator British Columbia, Nanaimo

Christine Balatti, Homestay Coordinator

I love culture, travel, nature, reading, family dinners, Nanaimo, International students, my husband and children, my job as a homestay coordinator and a peaceful life. 

I graduated from Anthropology at Vancouver Island University and my heart was captured.  During that time I did an amazing eight week field school throughout the Caribbean.  I experienced home stay in Guyana and travelled through the Amazon Rain Forest to Brazil.  The travel bug was firmly planted.  After graduation, I taught English in Japan for two years.  I am proud of the number of deep and cherished friendships I formed with the Japanese Moms who took me under their wing.  We also worked for Habitat for Humanity in India and The Friendship Foundation in Vietnam.  Upon returning to Nanaimo I completed my CERTESL Diploma, working with new Immigrants.  I then tutored for a Korean Agency for six years, while also teaching at camps and arranging homestay.  I became very close with my students there, some of whom I tutored daily for many years!  When I got married and had children, I became a homestay mom and have had a wide variety of students for the last nine years.  It has been amazing for my family!  I am proud to say that my children are completely multi-cultural now!  Now I am happily enjoying beautiful Nanaimo and taking my children and dog out in nature, every chance I get!

I love MLI Homestay because I get to encourage people to experience the joys of homestay.  I love to help with cross cultural understanding.  I feel I am helping to make the world smaller, with greater international understanding and acceptance.  And nothing beats seeing all the students filing into the school knowing what a life-changing experience they are about to have.  

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