Brad Farr, Homestay CoordinatorOntario, Sudbury

Brad Farr, Homestay Coordinator

My name is Brad, I reside in Sudbury Ontario.

My career originally started 14 years ago at a homeless shelter for youth. I then went on to working with the homeless adult population. That brought me to study mental health and addictions and work in an adult treatment center , treating adult males who had severe drug and alcohol addictions/dependencies and mental health related issues. I furthered my career by opening up my own treatment type home and worked in that environment for several years.

I've always had a passion to do whatever I can to make other people's lives more purposeful and meaningful. That brought me to MLI where I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing families and students from all around the world.

My interests vary, I'm very active and really enjoy participating in most sports such as ; tennis, swimming, jogging , hiking and badminton.

I also enjoy listening to music and spending time with my son , who is now 7.

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