MLI Homestay

HOSt FAMILIES NEEDED FOR 1 week july 20-28!

If you live in Kitchener Waterloo – consider hosting one of our students from Japan!

July 20 - 28

HOSt an international student from japan FOR 1 week july 20-28!

Students will attend a program Monday to Friday at Wilfrid Laurier University, and stay with hosts in Kitchener Waterloo.
Students are 15-17 years old, and female.

Host Requirements

  • Each student requires private bedroom and 3 meals daily
  • Students will be with their hosts July 20 – 28, at school Monday to Friday.
  • Evenings and weekends, students will enjoy time with you.

More Information

MLI Homestay Hosts reflect the diversity of Canada’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population.
Homestay hosts may include single parent homes, retired couples, single mature women, or families with children.

MLI Homestay


  • Students will stay with host families in Kitchener Waterloo.
  • Car pooling can be arranged with other host families


MLI Homestay

Host Requirements

  • Attend a meet and greet at Wilfrid Laurier University upon students arrival.
  • 24/7 Adult supervision
  • 3 meals daily
  • Hosts are Compensated – TAX-FREE!
  • Provide private bedroom
  • Arrange drop off and pick up on school days (car-pooling ) 

MLI Homestay

Why host a student?

Hosting an international student provides an incredible experience for families to:

  • Explore a new culture
  • Learn about global issues
  • Travel the world without leaving the comforts of your home

If you have been considering a hosting a student, this is the perfect opportunity to host a short-term student for 1 week, July 20 – 28!

Apply today!

Apply Now to Host a student for a week!

Please consider this fun opportunity to host a students for 1 week, July 20-28.
To learn more, complete the short application form below to “Host A Student”, and you will be connected with the Local Coordinator.